Energy Saving Solutions Your Business Can Count On

eagArtThe U.S. is an energy intensive country. In fact, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration the U.S. consumes more energy than any other country in the world. This adds up to billions of dollars spent on utility costs each year by industrial and commercial businesses.

Each year, these businesses continually struggle with the same two questions about reducing their energy costs, where to start and how to pay for it.

The Energy Alliance Group (EAG) of Michigan, a division of the Energy Alliance Group of North America, is an energy solutions company providing energy saving products, technologies and services.

Taking the guess work out of an overwhelming number of potential energy saving solutions, EAG provides the most effective technologies in terms of performance and life cycle costs.

No upfront capital is required for qualified customers and project costs are fully paid for through incentives and the resultant energy savings.

Through its network of partners and affiliates, The Energy Alliance Group (EAG) of Michigan provides a broad range of technologies and services to assist industrial and commercial customers with reducing operating costs.

EAG ensures its customers the greatest energy savings and maximum return on investment by guiding them through the complexity of:

  • Technology & Service Choices
  • Utility and Tax Incentives
  • Project Financing Alternatives